Project task tracking

How to create, manage, and track your tasks directly in Timeneye

In addition to tracking time for your projects and phases in Timeneye, you can also effectively create, manage, and track time for the tasks within your projects. This Task management feature helps you stay organized, and ensures that the team stays on track with their assigned tasks.

How to set up the task management feature

  1. Go into any project in your workspace;

  2. Click the Edit button;

  3. In the Project info tab, find the Task management switch and turn it on.

timeneye task management feature

That's it! Now you can go back to find the new Tasks tab in the project.

(If you don't see the task management option in the project settings, it's possible that you have to enable the feature altogather in your workspace. You can do it from Management>Workspace settings>Features)

How to create and manage your Tasks

Click the Create new task button, and start filling your list or board.

add task to timeneye

When you create your first tasks, the Kanban-style board defaults to the columns Backlog, Up next, In Progress, Blocked, and Completed.

To change the columns (tasks lists) names, or add columns, or delete them, simply click the three little dots.

By clicking on an individual task, you can edit it and add other details such as:

  • assigned users;
  • status (done, to do, in progress);
  • priority;
  • start and due date;
  • tags and notes.

Drag and drop tasks across the boards to the different lists. To complete a task, either move its status to "Done", or click the little round button next to the tasks's name.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 10.14.16

How to track time for your tasks

When you go to your Tasks tab in the project, you'll see a button to track time: "Add time". You can add the time manually, or start a timer from there.

track time for tasks

Alternatively, you can use the Register time button. As usual, you need to select a project from the Register time dialog. If you have created tasks for that project, you will have the option to choose your specific task from the menu and track the time for it.

register time for tasks

How to import your Microsoft Planner tasks

If you're a Microsoft Planner user, you can set up the Microsoft Planner integration so that your Planner tasks are imported into Timeneye. This way you can manage (and track) your project tasks and Microsoft Planner tasks all in one place.