Microsoft Planner integration

Here is how to keep using Microsoft Planner while keeping track of your working time, thanks to Timeneye

With this integration, you can connect Microsoft Planner to Timeneye and track time for your tasks seamlessly without leaving Microsft Planner with Timeneye.

An important note before we begin: due to Microsoft Planner's very specific permissions, we will require teams who want to use our integration a series of authorizations to make sure all the plans and users are correctly imported and synched from Microsoft Planner to Timeneye.

1) Only Global admins in the Microsoft account can connect to this integration.

2) At the same time, every user in the workspace, regardless of their role, will have to grant permission to Timeneye to access their plans/ the plans they are part of.

How does the integration with Microsoft Planner and Timeneye work?

When the integration is correctly linked, you'll be able to:

  • Import the plans you have in Microsoft Planner as Timeneye Projects;

  • Have every new plan added to Timeneye automatically, reducing the manual work you have to do;

  • Track time for every of your Microsoft Planner tasks.

Let's begin!

Step #1: Connect Microsoft Planner and Timeneye

First, the Owners of the workspace have to connect the integration. The owner must also be a Global administrator in the Microsoft account to authorize all the permissions needed.

1) Go to Integrations>Microsoft Planner;


2) Click the green Approve Microsoft Planner integration button;


3) When you click the link, you will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account and approve the integration. Click "Accept";


4) You have approved the integration. Now, click the new green button, "Link Microsoft Planner."


Congratulations! The integration has been correctly linked.

Here comes a very important step that will allow you to experience a full integration between Microsoft Planner and Timeneye.

But before that, remember that the rest of your team members have to authorize access to the plans they're part of.

If you're a user who has to grant authorization to access your plans:

  • Go to Integrations >Microsoft Planner. You will see a screen like the following one;

  • Click on the Personal Authorization button;

  • Select "Authorize."

And that's it! You won't have to do anything else except refresh the authorization occasionally.

If you are an owner waiting for your team members to grant you the authorizations:

You can check the status of all your team's authorizations by clicking the button Personal Authorizations;


By clicking the button, you can see the status of the team members' authorizations and check which are still to be authorized;

Step #3: Connect Projects and Users

Now that all the permissions have been granted, it is time to import or link projects and users!

Importing means adding plans from Microsoft Planner as new projects in Timeneye. Linking means connecting a Plan to a Project you already have in Timeneye; the same goes for the users.

You can import/link automatically by using the Synchronization settings (you turn them on, and then the system does everything automatically), or you can import/link every user and project manually one by one in the Manage section:

Step #4: Track time

Install the Timeneye Widget on your browser, and log in to your Timeneye workspace.

You can download and install the Timeneye widget for:

Then head to your Planner:


You can already see the Timeneye icon, added by the Timeneye Widget, that you can use to track time.

Click on any tasks on the Planner to see the task details.

When you track time, the widget retrieves the name of the task you have worked on, and you will find it in the time entry you have created.

This is what it will look like in Timeneye:

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Need help with the Microsoft Planner integration? Maybe you can find answers here:

  • "I downloaded the Timeneye widget but still do not see the Timeneye button in my Planner."
    Ensure to also log in to the widget: click the Timeneye icon on your browser, and log in to the widget with the login form. Then, refresh the Planner.

  • "Some Plans have not been imported."
    Some users may still need to authorize access to these Plans. You can check by clicking the Personal Authorizations option.

  • "All my users have granted access, but I still don't see some plans."
    Make sure to import/link the plans as projects and the users, too. You can do it with the synchronization settings or manually from the Manage section.

  • "I linked and connected everything, but I don't see any button to track time in my Planner"
    Please make sure to download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget too.

If you are still having trouble with the integration, please do not hesitate to send us an email at