How to manage Clients

How to manage Clients Deliver on time, bill accurately, and keep your clients happy!

In Timeneye, the section named Clients gives you a complete overview of the total and billable time spent on your clients and related projects, phase categories, billable hours, and team members.

In terms of permissions, only Admin and Owners can create Clients. Regular team members can only access the Clients and Projects sections they are working on.

How to create a new Client

To create your first Client, you need to go to the Clients section on the blue sidebar menu and click on the New Client button at the top right corner.

Type the client’s name in the text box, then select a color to make it recognizable.

Now you should see the New Client's name added to the Clients list.

If you click on the Client's case you have just created, Timeneye will show you an Overview of that specific Client. Unfortunately, there is no data at this point since you have yet to track the time on the Client.

To track a client's time, you need to associate it with a Project first.

Associate a Client with a New Project:

Inside the Clients details page are two tabs: Overview and Projects. Move to the second one, called Projects.

Press the + New Project button and fill in the form with all the project's details. As you will notice, the Client section has already been filled.

Once the new project has been created, it will be listed in the Projects tab.

You can add as many projects as you like.

Now, if you open the Register Time, you will find your brand new project and be able to track time on it.

You cannot directly track time on a Client since it must always be associated with a project.

Another way to associate a Client to a New Project is from the Projects page, on the sidebar menu: press Create new project, fill in the name of your project, and then, in the Client section, use the dropdown menu to select your newly created Client.

Once you have filled in all the project details, click Create new project.

Well done! Now you can start tracking time on the project associated with your New Client. In this way, data will also appear on its overview page.

Associate a Client with an existing Project

Move to the Projects page on the sidebar and look for the project you want to link to your Client. Click on it, and once you are on the Overview page, press the Edit button at the top right corner.

On this page, you will find all the information about your Project. You can select the Client's name from the dropdown menu in the Additional Info section.

Remember to save all the changes by pressing the Save button at the top right corner.

Done! Now, on the Project Overview page, you will notice that under the Project title, there should be a second line with the Client's name.