In this article you will learn how to:

  • link your Google Calendar account to Timeneye

  • track time from Google Calendar

This integration automatically imports your Google Calendar activities as suggested entries in Timeneye, allowing you to track your time for your daily meetings and events.

Link your Google Calendar account to Timeneye:

Once you are in the Dashboard, click on the blue button Link Calendar and select the Google Calendar option.

How does it work?

The events you have created previously in your Google Calendar will be automatically added to your Dashboard as daily Suggested Entries – Timeneye syncs events from Google Calendar every 10 minutes.

Timeneye automatically assigns the suggested Google Calendar entry to the equivalent project in Timeneye: make sure to add the project name to the event’s title on Google Calendar (for example: “About Us page”).

Once the Suggested Entry became a card on your Dashboard, you can select a Phase for the entry, edit the total time spent on it, start a timer, or ignore the suggestion.

Another way to link Google calendar to Timeneye:

1) Click on Integrations and select the Google Calendar integration.

2) Click on Link Google Calendar to your User.

3) Select or add a Google account.

4) You will be asked to give Timeneye permission to access your Google Calendar data. Just click on Accept to link Google Calendar to Timeneye.

5) Then, an on-screen message will notify you that Google Calendar has been successfully synchronized.

PRO tip:

Adding a “Meetings” phase to your projects will make monitoring weekly and monthly time spent on meetings extremely easy.

Every time you make a change, Timeneye will sync this update automatically. That means your reports will always show the freshest data.

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