Creating a new report

In Timeneye, Reports give you a complete overview of the total and billable time spent on each client, project, phase categories, billable hours and team members.


You can run reports on your personal activities to see where your hours really go:



If you are part of a team and you're an OwnerAdministratorGroup Manager or a Project Manager you will be able to create reports for all users who are contributing to your projects.


Regular team members will be able to run reports on their activities and the projects they have access to.


To create your first report and have a complete overview of your tracked time you need to click on the Reports section from the menu on the left. Click on any of the reports boxes to start.

Before you start:

The reports will only include saved time entries, so make sure to save any active or pending timers if you want their time to show up in Timeneye.

Report types

Start by selecting the type of report you want to generate (click on the report type to see how to create it).


Available reports:

  • Project report
  • Member Report (Team or Me)
  • Group Report - for Teams using the "Group" feature
  • Phase category Report
  • Clients Report
  • Billable hours Report
  • Tag Report
  • Tag list Report
  • Custom Report