Creating a new report

Timeneye provides you with a series of reports to help you to evaluate how your activity is going.

In Timeneye, Reports give you a complete overview of the total and billable time spent on each client, project, phase category, billable hours, and team member.

You can run reports on your personal activities to see where your hours really go.

report template gallery


If you are part of a team and you are an Owner, Administrator, Group Manager, or Project Manager, you can create reports for all users contributing to your projects.

Regular team members can run reports on their activities and the projects they can access.

To create your first report and have a complete overview of your tracked time, you need to click on the Reports section from the menu on the left side, then click on any of the boxes of the reports to start.

Before you start:

The reports will only include saved time entries, so make sure to save any active or pending timers if you want their time to show up in Timeneye.

Start by selecting the type of report you want to generate and picking up a different topic:

  • Project if you want to select those of the same client you are working on. Or the projects that share common aspects that you need to check on;

  • Team in case you need to evaluate the working time of some teams that worked on specific tasks;

  • Clients if you need to make an estimate regarding the time spent on their projects and, consequently, billable and non-billable time;

  • Tags to check how much time you spent on a single step of your project;

  • Billable to evaluate your working time that deserves to be paid;

  • A blank report in case you would like to make an even more customized one.

    Once you have chosen your main focus, it will be possible to set other filters and extract from Timeneye the data you need the most.
    Thanks to our easy-to-use filters, you can select the timeframe you need to focus on and, consequently, the aspects of your project that you need to monitor (phase categories, tags, tag lists, the status of the project, etc.)

    With the Time rounding option, you can round your entries for more accurate invoicing and payroll. Click on the feature to activate it, and select if you want to round your entries to the nearest 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or all the other options available.