Tags and Tag Lists

Learn how to tag your time entries for a more accurate time categorization.

Tags are a useful tool for accurately tracking your time. They allow you to easily organize and categorize your time entries. By using tags, you can ensure that your time tracking is more precise and efficient.

Owners and admins can manage and create tags from the section Management>Tags.

tag section

There, you can create Tag lists, and add tags to the lists. Tag lists help you organize and keep your tags in order (especially if you use many).


If you need to add a new tag to a list, simply click the Add tag button. Set a name for your tag and save.

new tag

In the same section, you can also archive, un-archive, and eventually delete tags and tag lists.

If you're not sure which tags to create, give our templates a try! They can provide guidance and suggestions to help you get started.

tag template

How to assign tags to time entries

You can assign one or more tags to a time entry.

  1. Open the Register time dialog;
  2. Select your project and phase;
  3. Click the Tag's field, and the platform will show you the tags from which you can pick the ones you need;
  4. Then, save your time entry or start the timer.

After creating the entry or starting the timer, the tags associated with it will be visible on the card.

tag entries

How to associate tag lists to a specific project

When you create a project, you have the option to associate a specific tag list with it. This makes it easier to choose tags when tracking your time. It also makes sure you'll have the same tags in the projects and prevent errors.

You can also make tagging entries compulsory, to avoid people forgetting and leaving un-tagged and uncategorised entries around:

tag project