Microsoft Power BI integration

How can you import your time tracking data in Microsoft Power BI? In this article you'll learn how you can use your time tracking data to create beautifully visual reports in Microsoft Power BI.

To use the Timeneye + Microsoft Power BI integration, you first have to set it up so that Microsoft Power BI can use Timeneye as a data source.

These are the steps to follow:

  • Go in the Integrations section of the workspace. Look for the Microsoft Power BI integration and click "Connect";

timeneye power bi

  • You'll need the connect file: click on the green button to download it;
  • Save the .mez file in the following folder: C:\Users\{Username}\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors;

  • Open/Restart the Power BI desktop application;

  • In Power Bi Desktop, go to File > Options and settings > Options > Security and enable the option "Data extension", Allow all extensions to load without validation or warning;

  • Timeneye should now be available when clicking on "Get Data" as a connector;

  • After selecting "Timeneye", you will be asked to log in and give the connector permissions to access your Timeneye data.

That's it! After you have followed this procedure, you'll be able to select Timeneye as a data source for creating visual dashboards on Power BI.

  • Click the "Get data" button, and then scroll down to find the "More "option;

power bi data

  • Look for Timeneye in the "Get data" dialog;

power bi timeneye source

Now you can create and elaborate your graphs and dashboards with data from your Timeneye workspace.

power bi time report