Phases and Phase Categories

Phases are key elements of every project as they help you to break single projects in smaller chunks. They allow you to have a detailed overview of a project in the Project Status page.


Creating a new Phase for a project takes only a couple of clicks.


Simply open the “Projects” view and click on the green edit button after hovering with your mouse the project you want to add the phase too.


Here you’ll see a list of existing phases: simply click on Add New Phase to create a new Phase. Make sure to:


  • choose a name for the new phase,
  • select the “phase category” from the drop-down menu, if available;
  • add the total hours for this phase if needed.


Or, you can create the phases directly when you create the new project.

Phase categories

Phase categories are used to collect phases in larger groups that can be used within the project to identify common working areas and make them recognizable inside “Reports”. Phase Categories can be used across projects as they work as tags to be assigned to individual tasks.


Phase Categories are really important in Timeneye as they work as macro-categories for normal phases. They can be used across multiple projects and they provide detailed information in Reports.


An admin can easily add, edit and remove a Phase Category from the Phase Category view located in the Account Menu.



To add a new Phase Category, simply click on Add New, add the new Phase Category name and click on SAVE to confirm.

PRO tip:

Phase categories should reflect the general work you're carrying on across projects. 


Phase category: Marketing
Phases: Social media, Email marketing, Content marketing, etc