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Our privacy promise

Timeneye doesn’t support screenshots, keystroke counts, GPS tracking, and other invasive monitoring tools.

Instead, we provide transparency and accountability.

We believe time tracking should be a personal responsibility. So we just don’t see ourselves developing hard monitoring features like random screenshots, keystroke counts, or any similar tools.

FACT: heavy monitoring and micromanaging of employees lower productivity.

What works instead?

  • Fast, reliable tools (like Timeneye)

  • KPI dashboards that show the metrics that really matter

  • Productivity insights on what really matters

In Timeneye, employees can:

  • Actively decide to save the time entry they create

  • Get daily reminders to track their time

  • Add notes to explain and comment on their time entries

  • Run and download reports on their own time to understand what they’ve worked on

Managers can:

  • Verify who’s submitted timesheets and who has not

  • Immediately access productivity insights on project progress, budget and costs, and billable

  • Get weekly or daily updates automatically in the inbox

  • Access status views and manager reports help to get the big picture at any time

Our time-tracking approach saves companies admin time, promotes transparency, and provides real insight on how to boost productivity.

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