Microsoft Teams Integration

How do you keep track of time while on Microsoft Teams? In this article, we will show you how to Integrate Timeneye with MS Teams, step-by-step.

Thanks to this integration, users can track time without leaving Microsoft Teams.

You can add Timeneye to Microsoft Teams from the Apps section.

➡️ Watch the video about how to integrate and use Timeneye in Microsoft Teams. 🎥

Open Microsoft Teams

From inside your Microsoft Teams account, go to the apps section of Microsoft Teams and look for Timeneye in the Time tracking apps.

Add Timeneye

Just add Timeneye to Microsoft Teams, so you and your team can track time.

Or, you can be redirected to the Timeneye page in the Microsoft Marketplace from the Timeneye web app in Integrations>Microsoft Teams.

Tracking time in Microsoft Teams

Tracking time with this integration is dead easy.

Look for the Timeneye tabs inside MS Teams and click the Register Time button on the sidebar menu to track time.


The Timeneye interface inside MS Teams is precisely the same as the web app, so you will have all the features you need to track the time of your project life cycle, keep an eye on budgets and stay connected with your team without leaving Microsoft Teams.