Microsoft Project Integration

Learn how to add a time tracking button to your Microsoft Projects tasks

We have developed a Browser Widget Integration for ChromeFirefox, and Microsoft Edge. The Timeneye Browser widget lets you track time from the tools you are already using and in any other place, wherever you are on the web. Now, this integration will let you easily track time for your Microsft Project tasks.

What you need to track time inside Microsoft Project:

  •  The Timeneye Browser Widget
  • Your Microsoft Project account.

Step 1)

Download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget on your browser. Once installed, you'll see a small Timeneye icon on your Browser: that's the Widget, ready to be used.

Step 2)

Log in with your credentials in the Timeneye widget and make sure you see the Register time dialog (this means you've accessed the Widget correctly).

Step 3)

Head to Microsoft Project to start tracking time!

How to track Time for your Microsoft Project Tasks

Navigate to your Microsoft Projects account and locate the tasks you are currently working on. Once you have successfully installed the Timeneye Widget in your Browser, a convenient button will appear next to your project tasks. Simply click on this button to effortlessly track your time.

time tracking ms project

You have the option to manually enter the time you have spent or start a timer that will accurately track your time while you work. Once you are done, just save it.

You can check the task's details to see how much time users have tracked so far.

timetracking ms project task

All the time tracking will be safely stored in Timeneye, for analysis, monitoring, and reporting purposes.

When you go back into the Timeneye dashboard, you'll be able to easily locate the time tracked with the integration: the time cards will show the tasks' names, as well as the Microsoft Project logo:

time tracked ms project