Managing phases

The Phases tab inside the Projects section of the account helps users manage and bulk edit the phases and it is available for Admins/Owners: 



Click the Phases button, you'll see a full list of all the phases you've created in Timeneye. On the right, you'll see how many projects include those phases.


Clicking on any phase opens the Manage Phase dialog for all the phases with that name:



on the left, the full list of Projects that include that phase. Click on any project to edit it:


  • an Active checkbox to see what phases are still active;
  • Name and Category column;
  • Time tracked column: click here to see all the time entries assigned to that phases.

Editing your Phases

You can edit the names and categories manually one by one. If you want to speed up the process and apply the same change to multiple phases, you can use the bulk actions:


You can choose to apply the name or the phase category of the first row to all the other rows.