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Inviting users to your team

If you are an Owner/Admin of the workspace, adding users to your team in Timeneye is straight simple. Just click on the New team members button located inside Team Members



This will open the Invite new team members dialog. Now simply type the new user e-mail addressname, and assign him/her to a project in Timeneye. You can also invite multiple users at the same time.

Please note

Since Timeneye doesn’t currently support a multi-account feature, you cannot invite a new user to join your team if his/her email address is already linked to another Timeneye workspace.

To solve the problem you can :


  • Ask the user to delete his/her other Timeneye workspace (but this will mean the loss of all the data in that account);
  • You can invite him/her by sending the invitation to a different email address.

User Edit

From the “Team Members” view you’ll be able to manage single users by clicking on them.



Info: here you can assign permissions to a user by appointing him/her as Owner, Admin or Member, and assigning him/her to a group.
Projects: by checking the “PM” boxes you’ll be able to assign “Project Manager” permissions to a user or add him/her to additional projects.