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Import Projects And Phases Into Timeneye


this feature is currently available only for our PRO workplaces (not available for the free solo plan)

If you're the Admin/Owner of the account, it's possible to import Projects and phases inside Timeneye from a CSV file.

How to prepare your CSV file for importing

Before importing your projects and phases, there are a few requirements to check so that the CSV can be processed:

  • the columns have to be separated by a comma;
  • the first row has to be titles only;
  • one column has to be the Projects column. You can have additional columns for phases and clients, but do not worry about the order for them;
  • CSV encoding must be UTF-8 .

How to import projects and phases

The Import function is located in the main menu on the left.



1) In the Import data view, click on CSV-Projects;

2) Drag and drop your CSV file or select it from your Computer;

3) Once the file is uploaded, you will be redirected to the Mapping view. Here you will have to match each column from the CSV file with the corresponding element on Timeneye:



4) Almost there! Click on Confirm. You will receive a confirmation email and, when the file is ready, you should see a blue “File processed” label;

5) The final steps: you will see an overview of the projects and phases to upload. Simply click Confirm import;

6) While the system is importing your data, you will see the blue “Importing data” label appear. When the Import is finished, you will receive a confirmation email and the Import data view will be reset.

Have a question? Need assistance?

Make sure to drop us a line at support@timeneye.com