For every product, service or business scenario you improve it is critical to define what success looks like for your business. In Phase 1, you might have identified the areas of improvement that a time-tracking tool might touch. As you prepare for your scale implementation, you will need to revisit and expand these important success criteria.

Here are some relevant areas where you should see improvement:

Expand your governance and information management policy:

Once you've selected your enablement strategy, you'll be ready to revisit and scale the governance decisions you made in Phase 1. Revisit decisions 1 through 4 from the Governance quick start to expand these policies in alignment with the business users who will be using Timeneye.

Tip: Don’t introduce the tool in critical moments of the year, like near major deadlines or similar. Time tracking will likely become an afterthought and you’ll be risking sinking the effort. In our experience, it’s better to take advantage of downtime in the company to introduce a new tool. Otherwise, time tracking will appear as an added complication to your team’s already busy workdays.

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