Different industries might have different reasons to start using time-tracking software and different expectations for the outcomes. Make sure you understand the business projects (scenarios) that will be in scope for this implementation phase.

No matter what's your industry or company size, these are the areas of your work that Timeneye will contribute improving:

Project Management

Team Management

Client Management

  • Modern project management

  • Streamline business process

  • Estimate time

  • Monitor progress

  • Increase Personal Productivity

  • Distribute workload

  • Monitor performance

  • Respect deadlines

  • Transparent and accurate billing

  • Deliver on time

  • Monitor progress

  • Build long-lasting relationships




  • Gather insights

  • Actionable reports

  • Fact-based decisions

  • Billable vs non-billable time

  • Hourly budget

  • Real-time updates

  • Save hours on timesheets

  • Optimize reporting and payroll activities

  • Performance monitoring

Now, take a look at this list of example scenarios for each department, that are great candidates for an early adopter program:

If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, you could start with easy wins such as:

  • Personal Productivity

  • Modern project management

  • Create insightful reports

  • Employees' engagement and alignment

  • Increase sales productivity and grow revenue

  • Streamline business reviews

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