With this report, you can keep track of the total time spent by you or an employee in a selected timeframe.

This report is straight simple to generate: just select a user from the drop-down menu, a timeframe and hit the Run report button. You can also select multiple users.


This report gives you a complete overview of the total time the user has spent on each of his/her projects in the selected timeframe. You can now understand which project is taking too much time โ€“ it might be necessary to add a new user to this project to split the workload.

Selecting one or more team members

The great thing about Timeneye's reports is that they are flexible and adapt to your needs.

For example, you can select more than one team member at the same time and the report will show the time tracked by each of them, and a breakdown of the time allocated by every member on the projects.

PRO tip:

All the reports can be exported to CSV or PDF so you can keep a record of your timesheets or for your employees or clients to see.

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