Clicking on the Timesheet icon on the side menu the Entries dialog. This section is particularly useful to easily check, edit and manage, your time entries in just a few clicks:
To edit an entry, simply hover your mouse over it and you'll see the edit blue buttons appear. You can also delete or copy your time entries.

Using filters to sort entries

We've added a series of filters to help you sort out your time entries more quickly and efficiently. Click on the Filter button on top and you'll see all the options appear on the left:

Currently available filters:

  • Team members: the team members that you'll see on the list depend on the level of permission that you have. If you're an admin, you'll find every team member on the list, including you. If you're a Project Manager or a Group Manager, you'll only see the members of your Projects or Groups. Simple users only see the team members of the project/group they're in.

  • Groups: filter by the groups

  • Timeframe: choose a specific timeframe in which you want to research your entries

  • Project: choose a specific project

  • Phases: choose a specific Phase

  • Phase categories: choose a specific Phase

  • Notes and integration info: search here your notes or Integration

  • Client: choose a specific Phase

  • Billed: choose whether to showbilled or unbilled entries, or both

PRO tip:

You can select your entries clicking on the checkboxes, and then all the data by clicking "Export to CSV"

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