Thanks to this integration, you can connect Timeneye to 2,000+ services using Zapier. This integration is currently available on Beta.

What You Need To Get Started

To use this integration, you'll need:

  • A Timeneye workspace;

  • A Zapier account (they offer several plan options, including a free plan.

This integration is a User integration, which means that every Timeneye user in the workspace has to set their integration. It's not possible to set global Zapier connections for the whole team.

How Does The Integration Work?

In case you're not familiar with Zapier, this service allows you to create connections between services by automating workflows. Basically, you can build your own connections and integrations with Timeneye and the services you need.

Zapier works with "Zaps" which means that when a desired trigger action happens in Timeneye, it will create another action in the other service, and vice-versa.

How To Create Your Timeneye Zaps

From the Integrations section of the Timeneye workspace, look for the Zapier integration. Here you only have to click the green button to be redirected to the Zapier page where you can set the integration.

Or, you can start from the Zapier website directly.

From here you can create your zaps:

  • Search the apps you want to connect to Timeneye...

  • ...or use one of our pre-made templates.

How To Create a Zap

Zapier has a pretty straightforward guided procedure to create a zap. Click on Make a zap in the Zapier panel, and follow the step-by-step instructions to create your zap.

Troubleshooting: Why Don't My Zaps Work?

  • Make sure you're not on a Timeneye trial that expired after 14 days. If so, continue by activating your subscription;

  • Sometimes you may need to refresh the authorization in the apps you have connected via Zapier. For example, this may happen after you have changed your credentials. Refresh your authorizations from the Zapier panel (Zapier will tell you which ones you need to refresh);

  • Make sure to properly fill the parameters and required fields in your Zap. To check if you have, you can trigger a test ("Test this step") to see if your trigger/action is actually working.

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