How can Timeneye track time for me?

Timeneye does half of the job for you!

From the first moment you start using Timeneye, the web app will begin to learn from your daily time entries routine and, after you have used it for a little while, Suggestions will appear in your dashboard.

These time entries are based on your daily activity and reflect the number of hours that you previously used for your projects and tasks.

Each day spent tracking time with Timeneye will allow the software to optimize your suggested entries. After a few days, you will be able to track your entire working day in just a couple of clicks.

This is what time management is all about: less time spent tracking your time means more time available to do amazing things.

Edit and ignore suggested entries

Do you need to register at a different time from the one that is suggested by Timeneye?

You can easily edit the time for a suggested time entry by clicking on the suggestions and opening a Register time dialog. Or you can also start a timer from the suggestion.

This will allow you to keep the suggested entry without wasting time creating a new time entry.

If you wish to ignore a suggested entry simply click on the X or use the Ignore all to delete all the suggested entries provided by Timeneye.

Suggested entries from Integrations

Time tracked in Basecamp, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Asana can be displayed as a suggested entry.

(An example of a suggested entry from Asana)

This will allow you to understand where your suggested entries are coming from, providing the same task and description you used in the external software.

PRO tip:

Suggestions are particularly useful if you work on the same tasks every day. If you have recurring tasks, you should enable this feature.

You can turn suggestions off and on from the App & User settings section of the user menu.

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