To make sure your workspace is all set up and running, it is better to double-check your timezone, date format, and saving settings.

You can do this from the User menu right under your avatar, in the App settings section.

Everybody's work week is different so you can personalize the first day of the week, and the weekend days (we love weekends!).

Personalize your dashboard

On top right corner of your dashboard, you will see a button with a gear symbol on it. Click on it to open the Customize your dashboard modules.

From the Dashboard options dialog, you will be able to personalize the modules position and type: you can choose to place it on the top, bottom, left or right side of the dashboard, and you can select between three types of recaps: project recap, client recap, and phase categories and personal budget recaps. So whether you prefer a clean, minimal dashboard or you need an immediate and detailed recap of your work, we’ve got you covered!

Timers auto-stop/save

Afraid you'll end up forgetting to stop your timers? Don't worry!

You can set up your timers to be automatically paused and/or saved at multiple times in the day, depending on your needs:

1) Go in the Automation settings section of the workspace;
2) Click "Add new action" and select Auto stop timers;

3) Select the times of the day (hint: you can choose the office closing hours, lunch breaks, etc);
4) If you check the Also save as entries option, not only will the timers be paused, but also be saved as entries in the workspace.

What's the difference?

In Timeneye saving a timer and pausing a timer are two different actions. Saving a timer means it'll appear as a time entry and cannot be restarted. You get to decide what works best for you!

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