Time entries appear as full cards inside the Timeneye dashboard. Hover on a time entry on the dashboard and you'll see the edit option appear; simply click on the Edit icon to modify any of the time entries' information.

How to move time entries in your calendar

Fixed time card that you have to edit every time you want to edit their date? Boring and time-wasting! And you know, we hate time wasters so we’ve added the possibility to move your time entries around the calendar on the dashboard. Simply drag and drop the time entry to move them around the calendar: easy, effective and fun.

To undo the action, simply press ESC.

How to copy a time entry

The Timeneye Dashboard has a lot of quick and useful tricks to help you manage your time entries. For example, say you have an activity you repeated on two different days and you don’t want to start a timer or enter it manually every time.

To quickly copy it, simply press SHIFT and then start to drag and drop the entry (while keeping SHIFT pressed), it will copy the entry instead of simply moving it around the calendar. You can then edit the entry if necessary.

How to quickly edit your time entries

It is possible to edit a time entry by clicking on the little pencil icon on the card. But we also added a quicker way to modify a time entry duration: hover your mouse on the bottom right corner of your time card and pull up/down to edit the time.

The duration of the time entry increases/decreases in 5-minute intervals.

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