If you’re the admin/owner of a workspace on Timeneye, it’s possible to bulk import your Time entries from a CSV file . This feature is super useful to insert a big amount of data into Timeneye instead of doing it manually, which would be boring and time-consuming (and we hate time-consuming activities!).

How to prepare your CSV file for importing

Before you start importing data, there are a few things you need to check so that our system can upload the CSV file correctly:

  • the first row must be used only for titles;

  • columns must be separated by comma;

  • there are some required columns, specifically: entry time, entry date, project name, phase name, user name. Client name and additional description columns are optional.

  • CSV encoding must be UTF-8

Importing your data into Timeneye

Once you’ve set up your CSV file, here’s a step-by-step guide to importing your entries:

1) Go to your Management section and click on Import Data and select your source;

2) Drag and drop your file inside the CSV-entries tab;

3) Once the file is uploaded, you will be redirected to the Mapping view. Here you will have to match each column from the CSV file with the corresponding element on Timeneye:

3) When you’re done, click on Continue. When the file is ready, you should see a blue “File processed” label;

4) The final steps: you will see an overview of the projects and phases to upload.

5)You might be asked to link some projects and users in case our system doesn’t recognise them. In the end, simply click Confirm import;

6) While the system is importing your data, you will see the blue “Importing data” label appear. When the Import is finished, you will receive a confirmation email and the Import data view will be reset.

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