You can set an hourly rate for your project when you create or edit a project.

Make sure to activate the toggle in the Billable box: this will automatically display the hourly rate box. Simply type the rate for the project and click “SAVE” to confirm.

Billable vs. non billable?

You should set a project as billable when you need to bill it regularly, and for this, you need to “reset” your billable hours count each time you bill your client. A project is “billable” when you invoice your client on an hourly-fee basis: activating this feature lets you differentiate between the time you have already billed and the time you still haven’t billed to the client.

For example, a consultancy job is a perfect candidate to be a “billable project” on Timeneye: you need to be able to “reset” the count of the hours you will need to bill each time you send an invoice to your client.

Non-billable projects are, on the other hand, projects that you work on for a fixed amount or internal projects. In this case, you need to get information about all the time spent on a particular project, without the need to “reset” the count from time to time.

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