If you’re the Owner of the account, you can manage your subscription at any time by clicking on Plan&Billing in the User Menu.

From here you can manage your Invoicing details, Subscription renewal and Plan size.

Adding billing details

Set your billing details before purchasing from the Invoicing details section. You’ll always be able to manage your billing details anytime.

For EU users: insert the VAT code (if you are representing a company) to let Timeneye calculate your VAT exemption.

Make sure to enter your credit card details, too.

Starting the subscription

Select whether you'd like to be billed monthly or annually, and then click on Start subscription. From that moment on, you'll be charged automatically.

You can select different renewal options from your plan by clicking on the Renew button in the Subscription section.

Pausing a subscription

To temporarily stop paying for Timeneye without losing all your data you can temporarily cancel your subscription.

Please note

Cancelling a subscription does not mean deleting the workspace. Deleting is a completely different procedure, please see the "Deleting the account" page of this guide.

Changing the user count in your subscription

The Timeneye PRO subscription is calculated as a licence for each active user. A license can be left empty and occupied again by a new user that leaves or joins that workspace.

You can edit the number of users in your subscription at any time from the Team Management section of the workspace.

Deactivated users are not counted in your subscription.

To increase or decrease the number of licences, go to Plan&Billing and click Manage licences:

Then you can increase or decrease the number of licences.

Upgrades (= adding more licences) are charged immediately.

To decrease the number of licences, make sure you deactivate some users first. You cannot have fewer licences than your active users

Have a question about your subscription? Need assistance with payments and invoices? Write us at [email protected]

Update of September 13th, 2019:

Our payments support SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), compliant with the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in the EU, coming to effect on September 14th, 2019.

This means that, depending on your bank, you may be required an additional authentication step to complete your payment.

Please note that refusing those steps may prevent you from completing your payments.

Also, banks under the new requirements may decline an online transaction. If this happens to you, please contact your bank.

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