Look, We get it: with the hustle and bustle of everyday busy days, tracking time is not exactly a priority.

More often than not, when it is time to complete timesheets, people do it hastily just to get the task done out of the way.

Here at Timeneye, we have worked hard to make time tracking as easy and painless as possible.

If you forget to track your time, there is an easy way to do it from your Dashboard:

  1. On the calendar dashboard, click the Register time button;

  2. Using the date picker, select the day you want to track time to;

  3. Select the Project and Phase, add the time duration (and tags and notes if you need to), and click save the entry;

  4. You can also double-click on any day on your calendar, to track the time for that day.

You can do the same thing with the Timeneye browser widget, and the mobile apps too.

How to avoid forgetting to track your time

Set up the daily email reminder:

This email can be set from your Email settings. Basically, when the software detects that you have tracked less than your average time, it will send you a gentle nudge via email. You can turn off and on this feature at any time, no manager can set it on your behalf.

Use the widget and the mobile apps

If you work with multiple tabs open, we recommend installing the Timeneye widget on your browser. The widget allows you to track time wherever you are on the web. So you won’t have to keep the Timeneye web app open all the time: just a quick click on the Timeneye button, and you can register time on the fly!

Also, do not forget that the widget adds a Timeneye button in several third-party services, like Planner, Asana Trello. So if you are doing some work with other software, you can track time from the software you are already using.

Lastly, if you do a lot of out-of-the-office, on-the-field jobs, you can track time on the go with the mobile apps (they work offline, too!).

Use the calendar integrations

Do you spend your day in meetings?

You can use our Google calendar integration and Outlook calendar reintegration to track how much time you actually spend on them (you would be surprised by the results).

In addition, every event appears like suggestions on your dashboard: these serve not only to track time but also to remember what you will do all day when you open Timeneye.

Set up the auto-save

Do you keep lots of open timers and forget to stop them?

Set up the daily auto-save for your timers. You can set it at your office closing time, or at different times on the day.

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