Tracking time in Timeneye is as easy as clicking a button.

The core of the time tracking functionalities is the blue + Register time button in the sidebar menu:

In Timeneye, you can:

  1. Enter the time manually (i.e: "3h20")

    -Select a Project

    Projects are compulsory in order to track time in Timeneye. You can pick a project from the list under the Projects box. If you want to create a new project, click on Create new project and fill in all the project information;

    -Select a Phase
    Phases too are compulsory in order to track time, so make sure to have at least one phase for every project. When you have selected the project and phase, the system will save your time entry accordingly;

    -Enter the time (h; mm);

    -Select the date (dd;mm;yyyy);

    -Click on Save entry.

  2. Start a timer and let it run while you work;

  3. Let the Timeneye Suggestions fill in your timesheet for you.

PRO tip:

If you double-click on the card of a day's task on the calendar, will automatically appear a register time dialog that will start tracking your time.

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