Creating a Report of Your Time Entries

There are several ways to export a detailed list of your time entries in Timeneye. It will be very useful for you and your team to create these types of reports and share them with clients and co-workers alike.

Exporting your entries from the Entries list

You can export your entries by clicking on the Entries icon on top (the "check" icon next to the "Register time" button).


1) Open the Entries list;
2) Click on the Show filters button on the top right:



3) Now you can sort your entries by user, project, timeframe etc. When you've selected the filters click "Apply";
4) Then, export the entries to PDF or CSV by simply clicking the Export button on the bottom left.


You can also decide to select specific entries and export them. If you don't select any specific entry, it will export all.

Exporting our entries from a report

1) Run a Report on a specific project/member/group/phase category. In the report, you should see a box on top called Total time;
2) Click on the Total time box;



3) You'll see the list of entries already sorted according to the filters you chose for the report;
4) You can now export the entries to PDF or CSV by clicking the Export button (you can also select and export specific entries).