User report

With this report you can keep track of the total time spent by you or your employees in a selected timeframe.



This report is straight simple to generate: just select a user from the drop-down menu, a timeframe and hit the Run report button.




This report gives you a complete overview of the total and billable time that a user has spent for each project in the selected timeframe. You can now understand on which project a user is allocating more time – it might be necessary to add a new user to this project to split the workload, allowing both users to work on different projects.

Project Report - Project

Phase Categories

All the Phase Categories related to the entries that a user made on the selected timeframe are displayed in the phase categories section. Discover which phase category is requiring more time to a specific user – if this user is not allocating time for a precise task you might encourage him to spend more time on it.

Project Report - Phase Categories

N.B. Click on a Project or Phase Category to generate a complete Entries Log list. This feature helps you to understand if the allocated time for a project or a phase has been split in different time entries – this usually happens for daily management duties.