Tracking time

In Timeneye it’s possible to manually register time or start a timer to track in real time the effort for a specific task. To start register time with Timeneye you’ll need to click on the Register Time button located in the top bar: this will open the Register Time dialog.
Alternatively, you can also open the Register Time view double-clicking on any day in the calendar. 

After selecting the desired project and one of its tasks, choose between starting a timer or tracking your time manually. You can add more information about the time entry using the description field. Once you are ready, hit Save entry to confirm.

Using Timers

Timers allow you to keep a real-time overview of the time spent on the projects you are working on.

Simply open the “Register Time” log and select the project and phase you want to start tracking time for and then click on Start Timer.

An Active Timer will automatically appear in your calendar.  You can easily recognize an active timer as it has a small green icon blinking in the bottom right corner.


Stopping or resuming a timer

Simply stop a timer every time you need to take a break by clicking on the Pause button on the right side of the timer box. The timer will be automatically added to your pending timers in the top bar.


Note that the “Date” and “User” fields are automatically disabled when hovering on the “Start Timer” button: this is to prevent to track time in the future and starting timers for other users :)

Editing your timers

Click on the pencil icon next to the Pause button: you’ll now be able to set a new phase, project, add notes and edit the time tracked so far.