Effort report

The Effort Report is the most customizable report in Timeneye. You can choose between the following filters:

  • Project: select the project you want to generate the report for.
  • User: leave it blank to generate the report for the whole the team or select a single user from the drop down menu.
  • Phase Category: leave it blank to include all task categories or select a single task category from the drop down menu.
  • Timeframe: choose between timeframe presets or manually add a timeframe.

Hit Run report to generate it.



Filters recap

The first block displayed on the page shows a recap of the Selected Filters and allows you to change them by clicking on the Change filters button. You can also export the report you have just generated as a PDF or CSV file.



Total time and billable time

From here you can see a full overview of the total time spent for that project and the billable time as well. By clicking on the billable time you will be able to open an entries log with a complete list of all the time entries made for that specific project.



Just click on Total or Billable time to open an Entries Log recap.


Weekly/monthly effort chart

The weekly/monthly effort chart gives you a clear and visual overview of your data according to the filters you have previously set. You will see different numbers showing you the total amount of hours spent on that week.

This works as a straightforward visual chart to easily understand the overall weekly and monthly time spent on a project.



Team and Phase Categories blocks

Team and Phase Categories blocks will only be displayed if you leave the User and Phase Category filters blank. They provide time effort recap for each team member and different phase categories as well.

It will be extremely easy to understand at which stage your project is: total time allocated for design and website building task categories, for example, should decrease while your product is on the market.

Team - reports

Phase Categories - reports

A natural suggestion would be: create a “website maintenance” task inside the project for daily bugs fix.