This report is the “freelancer’s favourite” as it provides a complete overview of the time spent working for a client in a specific timeframe.

You can also add additional filters such as Phase Category and User to the report.



This report is extremely useful to have an instant overview of how much time you can allocate for a client in the future and better estimate your future incomes if you are working regularly for one of your clients.



By clicking on the “Billable Time” you will be able to open the “Billable Entries” with a complete list of all the billable time entries made for that specific client.

How to mark time entries as Billed

From the Billable Entries log you’ll be able to mark entries as billed as soon as you receive a payment for them. Simply check the time entries you want to bill and click on SAVE. The “hours to be billed” section will change every time you add or remove a new time entry.

Make sure to tick the “export to CSV” box to export a CSV file when saving.