The Project Report allows you to run complete project-based reports filtering by “project”, “user” and “timeframe”. This is the right report if you are looking to have a complete overview of a single project.

The “Weekly and Monthly Effort” chart provides a clear audit of the total and billable time spent on this project.


Entries Log

Click on the “Total Time” spent for this project to open the related Entries Log. Here you’ll see a list of time entries made on this timeframe for this specific project.


Managing billable entries

By clicking on the “Billable Time” you will be able to open the “Billable Entries” with a complete list of all the billable time entries made for that specific project:


How to mark time entries as Billed

From the Billable Entries log you’ll be able to mark entries as billed as soon as you receive a payment for them. Simply check the time entries you want to bill and click on SAVE. The “hours to be billed” section will change every time you add or remove a new time entry.

Make sure to tick the “export to CSV” box to export a CSV file when saving.



Phases Recap

Every project’s task will be displayed in the “Phases Recap”. The pie chart gives you a detailed overview of the total time spent on each task – it will be extremely easy to optimize the total time and money that was previously set for the project by monitoring the weekly and monthly behavior of each task.

Phases 1

Team Recap

Here you’ll see the total time spent for a project split into the team member that have contributed to the project. Click on a user to open the related “Entries Log” for this project in the chosen timeframe.

Team Recap

Phase Categories Recap

The Phase categories section gives you an idea on which task types your team has been working for the selected project. Managing the total time spent for each task category will allow you to avoid project overruns and going over budget. Simply mouse hover on a phase category to see the related percentage in the pie chart.

Phase Categories Recap