What is the Dashboard and how can I use it?

The Dashboard is the core of Timeneye: this is the place where you can control everything that happens in your workday. Here you can see your registered time for each day of the week, edit your time entries and start tracking time using the Register Time button.



In Timeneye, it’s possible to manually register time or start a timer to track in real time the effort for a specific task. To start registering time with Timeneye, you’ll need to click on the blue button located in the top bar: this will open the Register Time dialog.

Alternatively, a double click on a specific day on the calendar will open the Register time dialog for that date.

Since we understand that time tracking is influenced by every user’s own, personal time management habits, we have created a customizable dashboard to suit every users’ needs.

How to customize your personal Recaps

On the bottom left of your dashboard, you will see the Dashboard option symbol. Click on it to open the Customize your dashboard dialog.


From the Dashboard options dialog, you will be able to personalize the modules position and type: you can choose to place it on the top, bottom, left or right side of the dashboard, and you can select between three types of recaps: project recap, client recap, and personal budget recaps. So you see, whether you prefer a clean, minimal dashboard or you need an immediate and detailed recap of your work, we’ve got you covered!timeneye-projects-recap

How to customize the Admin Menu

If you want you can decide to Pin the Admin menu so that it’s always visible to your left. To do so, simply Hover your mouse on the admin menu and select Pin main menu.
A simple yet easy way to have everything under control on your Dashboard at all time!



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