Creating a project is compulsory to start tracking time in Timeneye.

You can both create a new project from the Register Time window or inside the Projects section of Timeneye.



Step 1: fill the Project information


Type the Project name in the text box and select a color to identify the project in the Dashboard.

Step 2: Add a Phase

Phases are compulsory in order to track time on Timeneye. Set one or multiple Phases for the project by typing the phase’s name and hit enter to confirm. After a while of using Timeneye, the system will start suggesting the most common phases you use as you type: your phases will be set in a blink of an eye!


Step 3: add team members to the project

Add your team members so that they can, too, track time for that project. Simply start typing the name of a team member and hit enter to add him/her.


For Group Managers:

You can add your entire group of users by clicking on the Add group button on the right. Deactivated members that used to be part of the group cannot be added to the project.


Optional steps: set up clients, hourly budgets, billable hours.

You can add a new client to a project by clicking on Client. Type in the client name and it will be automatically added to your project.

You can also make your project as billable by activating the “Is billed per hour” box and then setting up an hourly rate.

Continue discovering Timeneye and learn how to save your first time entry.