o eAdding clients is optional in Timeneye but, if you are a freelancer of if your consultancy company is working for multips clients, this will help to add a further level to your time entries and let you run customized “Client Reports“.

You can manage, add and edit clients from the Clients dialog in the menu on your left.


Adding a client

1. Click on Clients from the menu on your left. Here you will see a list of all your clients and a brief recap of the number of projects assigned o each of them:



2. To add a new client, simply click on “Add new”. You can also assign a specific color to a client to sort them out better.

clients colours

Assigning a client to a project

You can assign a client to a project from the “Project Edit” view.

Simply select the client from the drop-down menu next to the Client section and click on “Save Changes” to confirm.