This report generates a complete list of all the time entries that a user made on a selected timeframe. You can keep track of your recent activities using a simple and detailed table.



The Activity Log report is the best choice if you are a freelancer and you need to understand which phase and time entries you made for a specific project and client: you can also manage and see which hours are already billed directly from the entries list.

Avoid misunderstanding with clients or project managers – this report gives you the chance to easily export all the entries you made for specific projects to provide a complete list of all the steps you made in a selected timeframe. This allows you to show fairness and build strong relationships with your managers or clients.


Activity Log report – user based view

You can decide if you want to run a report for all the Projects and all the Phase Categories for a selected user by selecting “All”.




If you leave the user filter blank as well, you will have a complete list of time entries for every user that contributed to a project in your Timeneye and which time entry has been already billed, saving you time from checking it from the project status page.