Create a new report

Reports in Timeneye give you a complete overview of the total and billable time spent for each client, project, phase, and staff member. If you are an Administrator or a Project Manager you will be able to create reports for all users who are contributing to your projects. Regular users will only see information about projects which they are assigned to. To […]

Project report

The Project Report allows you to run complete project-based reports filtering by “project”, “user” and “timeframe”. This is the right report if you are looking to have a complete overview of a single project. The “Weekly and Monthly Effort” chart provides a clear audit of the total and billable time spent on this project. Entries Log Click on the “Total […]

User report

With this report you can keep track of the total time spent by you or your employees in a selected timeframe.   This report is straight simple to generate: just select a user from the drop-down menu, a timeframe and hit the Run report button.   Projects This report gives you a complete overview of the total and billable time […]

Activity report

This report generates a complete list of all the time entries that a user made on a selected timeframe. You can keep track of your recent activities using a simple and detailed table.   The Activity Log report is the best choice if you are a freelancer and you need to understand which phase and time entries […]

Effort report

The Effort Report is the most customizable report in Timeneye. You can choose between the following filters: Project: select the project you want to generate the report for. User: leave it blank to generate the report for the whole the team or select a single user from the drop down menu. Phase Category: leave it blank to include […]

Client report

This report is the “freelancer’s favourite” as it provides a complete overview of the time spent working for a client in a specific timeframe. You can also add additional filters such as Phase Category and User to the report.   This report is extremely useful to have an instant overview of how much time you can […]

Exporting Projects To PDF Or Excel

With Timeneye it’s extremely easy to export your time reports to PDF or Excel, thus allowing you to further elaborate this data using your preferred spreadsheet software. 1) From the Reports page, just generate the report you need. 2) In the Export section click on PDF or CSV. 3) That’s it. Check your downloads and open […]