Creating projects

Creating a project is compulsory to start tracking time in Timeneye. You can both create a new project from the Register Time window or inside the Projects section of Timeneye.   Create a new project in 3 simple steps: 1. Type the Project name in the text box 2. Assign a Client. You can add a new […]

Creating a new phase

Creating a new Phase for a project takes only a couple of clicks. Simply open the “Projects” view and click on the EDIT button after hovering with your mouse the project you want to add the phase too. Here you’ll see a list of existing phases: simply click on “Add New Phase” to create a new Phase. Make […]

Setting an hourly rate for a project

You can set an hourly rate for your Project inside the Project Edit View. Make sure to select the Billable box: this will automatically display the hourly rate box. Simply type the rate for the project and click “SAVE CHANGES” to confirm. Billable vs. non billable? You should set a project as billable when you need to […]

Edit project

Edit a project (project managers only) Simply mouse hover on a project to show the EDIT button. Click on it to open the “Edit Project” view. Click on a project to open the Edit Project view: Basic Info: you can change a project name by typing a new one in the NAME box and change its […]

How to archive/restore a project

You can Archive a project from the “Project Edit” view. Go to Projects -> Select the Project you want to archive and click on Edit Project. Click the Drop-Down Arrow next to the Save Changes button and select Archive. Please note that Archive projects are available for reports and you can easily make them active by following […]

How to delete a project

You can delete a project from the “Project Edit” view. Go to Projects. Select the project you want to delete and click EDIT. Click on the down arrow next to the SAVE CHANGES menu. Select DELETE. Please be aware that deleting a project will automatically erase all the time entries related to this project. Why […]