Managing projects

Start managing your projects by clicking on Projects in the left sidebar: From the Projects page you will be able to: create new projects; edit projects; manage billable and tracked hours.  

Managing clients

Adding clients is optional in Timeneye but, if you are a freelancer of if your consultancy company is working for multips clients, this will help to add a further level to your time entries and let you run customized “Client Reports“. You can manage, add and edit clients from the Clients dialog inside the “User […]

Managing billable hours

Managing billable hours You can manage your billable hours directly from the “Project Status” view by clicking on the number of hours in the “Budget” section and then clicking on Billable Hours. By clicking on the hours in the Billable Time box, you will directly access to the Billable Management window where you’ll be able […]

Exporting data

Only Administrators can view and change Account Settings. You can export data from the Account Settings by clicking the EXPORT/DELETE button. If you click EXPORT, all of your company time data will be downloaded from Timeneye.  Exporting your data will generate a CSV file (that you can open with Excel) containing all your account’s time entries. Within […]