Getting started

Creating projects

Creating a project is compulsory to start tracking time in Timeneye. You can both create a new project from the Register Time window or inside the Projects section of Timeneye.   Create a new project in 3 simple steps: 1. Type the Project name in the text box 2. Assign a Client. You can add a new […]

Tracking time

In Timeneye it’s possible to manually register time or start a timer to track in real time the effort for a specific task. To start register time with Timeneye you’ll need to click on the Register Time button located in the top bar: this will open the Register Time dialog. Alternatively, you can also open the Register […]

Suggested time entries

How can Timeneye track time for me? From the first moment you start using Timeneye, the web app will begin to learn from your daily time entries routine and, after you have used it for a little while, a Suggested entries box will appear in your dashboard. These time entries are based on your daily activity and reflect the amount […]

Invite new users to your team

If you are an Admin, adding users to your team in Timeneye is straight simple. Just click on the “INVITE USERS” button located in the left sidebar or alternatively go to Team Management and click on the Add User button located on the top right hand corner of the screen.   Now simply type the […]

Timeneye Vocabulary

In this Vocabulary, you’ll find a list of Timeneye features and elements to help you understand how we name things inside Timeneye. Dashboard The Dashboard is the core of Timeneye: this is the place where you can control everything that happens in your workday. Here you can see your registered time for each day of […]