Advanced features

Moving time entries

The “Move Entries” feature is available for Admins only and allows to assign to single and multiple time entries new projects, phases and users. In order to move entries, you’ll have to open the “Project” view and select the project where the time entries are.  In the “Entries Log” make sure to click on “Move […]

Creating phase categories

Phase Categories are really important in Timeneye as they work macro categories for normal phases. They can be used across multiple projects and they provide detailed information in “Reports”. You can easily add, edit Phase Category from the “Phase Category view” located in the “User Menu”. To “add” a new Phase Category, simply click on “ADD CATEGORY”, add the new […]

Register time on behalf of another user

If you are an Admin you can register time for another user from the “Register Time” section. Just click the REGISTER TIME button on your dashboard: Select the project and phase and the time worked. Click on the downside arrow next to “Show Admin Options”: a User drop-down menu will appear. There you can select […]

Copying/duplicating a project

Copying a project could save you plenty of time if you need to create recurring projects or if you just need to replicate an existing template. You can copy a project from the “Edit Project” view by clicking on the arrow next to the “Save Changes” button. Insert a name for the new project and click […]