Advanced features

Copying and editing time entries

How to copy a time entry The Timeneye Dashboard features a lot of quick and useful trick to help you manage your time entries. For example, say you have an activity you repeated in two different days and you don’t want to start a timer or enter it manually every time. To quickly copy it, simply […]

Import time entries into Timeneye

On Timeneye, it’s possible for team accounts to bulk import your Time entries from a CSV file. This feature is super useful to insert a big amount of data into Timeneye instead of doing it manually, which would be boring and time- consuming (and we hate time-consuming activities!). How to prepare your CSV file for importing […]

Import projects and phases into Timeneye

On Timeneye Beta,  it is now possible to import Projects and phases inside Timeneye from a CSV file. How to prepare your CSV file for importing Before importing your projects and phases, there are a few requirements to check so that the CSV can be processed: – the columns have to be separated by a […]

Creating phase categories

Phase Categories are really important in Timeneye as they work macro categories for normal phases. They can be used across multiple projects and they provide detailed information in “Reports”. You can easily add, edit Phase Category from the “Phase Category view” located in the “Account Menu”.   To “add” a new Phase Category, simply click on “Add New”, add the […]

Register time on behalf of another user

If you are an Admin you can register time for another user from the “Register Time” section. Just click the REGISTER TIME button on your dashboard: Select the project and phase and the time worked. Click on the downside arrow next to “Show Admin Options”: a User drop-down menu will appear. There you can select […]

Copying/duplicating a project

Copying a project could save you plenty of time if you need to create recurring projects or if you just need to replicate an existing template. You can copy a project from the “Edit Project” view by clicking on the arrow next to the “Save Changes” button. Insert a name for the new project and click […]